Mark Allenbaugh to speak at AFDA online seminar on USSC Federal Child Pornography Offenses Report

Association Of Federal Defense Attorneys (AFDA) Online Seminar
PROGRAM: The New Sentencing Commission Report on Federal Child Pornography Offenses: What Practitioners Need to Know


Mark Allenbaugh (former staff attorney at U.S. Sentencing Commission)

Tess Lopez (sentencing mitigation specialist; former U.S. Probation Officer)

The program will include an online Question / Answer session by which attendees can post questions via a moderated chat room.

DATE: Wednesday, May 1, 2013 / TIME: 12:00 p.m. (Noon) – 2:00 p.m. [Eastern Time] LOCATION: The online program will be presented on the AFDA web site: PRESENTATIONAL FORMAT: The panelists will give a joint 60 – 90 minute presentation with an outline displayed on a viewing screen. The outline will be made available to attendees to download as a handout.

FEE: Like all online seminars, this program is free of charge to AFDA members. AFDA is now a member-supported web site, to allow funds to be raised to pay ongoing operating expenses, including web programming and design; web hosting fees; and clerical staff to coordinate MCLE credit applications. The fee to join AFDA is only $175 for a one – year membership; $300 for two years. Membership includes: 1. free attendance at all online video seminars; 2. unlimited access to the online archive of recordings of prior seminars; 3. a free online profile for your law practice; 4. a collection of online resources for federal defense attorneys, and 5. a member-to-member online chat system

RECORDING OF SEMINAR: All AFDA seminars are recorded. The recordings are placed in the Archive section of the AFDA web site for members to access 24/7 at no charge.

MCLE CREDIT: 1.0 hours California. AFDA is completing its certification as an MCLE provider in California. Applications for provider status will be filed in Florida, New York and Texas in the coming weeks. A certificate of attendance will be provided to all attendees at the seminar.

Seminar Moderator: Gregory Nicolaysen

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St. Louis Catholic priest indicted on child pornography charge

KANSAS CITY, Missouri (Reuters) – A federal grand jury indicted a Catholic priest in St. Louis on Wednesday on child pornography charges involving Internet images of a boy under the age of 18, in the latest sex accusation to rock the Church.

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A depraved world: FBI agents wage a stressful battle against child pornography

Tim Ryan climbed from his FBI-issued van and started toward the beige-brick building that holds roomfuls of forensic evidence from across the state: blood samples, human skeletal fragments, markings from tools used in crimes, ballistics results.

He swiped his security card and passed through several doors. Then he walked through long corridors before stepping inside the forensic computer lab.

On a table in front of him sat a DVD. It had two simple words scrawled across it in black.

Baby Pics.

“God, please get me through this,” the FBI agent prayed silently.

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O.C. sex offender law is ruled illegal

A controversial Orange County sex offender law that bans some people from visiting parks and beaches has been ruled illegal by a panel of Superior Court judges, who have asked the state appeals court to now review the get-tough rule.

The panel reached the decision after overturning the conviction of a registered sex offender who was ordered to serve 100 days in jail after he was caught attending a Cinco de Mayo party at Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley.

The Orange County district attorney’s office, which has pushed cities across the county to adopt the sex offender ban, said it would continue to enforce the law.

“I believe that protecting children from sex offenders is one of the highest priorities in law enforcement,” Dist. Atty. Tony Rackauckas said in a statement.

But the ruling has drawn immediate fallout.

Sheriff Sandra Hutchens has asked her department to stop enforcing the law, and Lake Forest, one of the many cities that adopted the rule, is considering repealing its ordinance.

Nearly half the 34 cities in Orange County have adopted the law, and of those, almost half are now being sued.

To persuade cities to adopt the law, the district attorney’s office has taken a forceful approach — sending ranking prosecutors and administrators to City Council meetings to talk with municipal leaders.

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If arrested for child porn, don’t e-mail threats to rape, kill a federal agent

On April 12, 2012, a postman carrying a package containing two DVDs of child pornography—one titled Curious Boys—walked up to a modest home in Export, Pennsylvania, some 30 minutes east of Pittsburgh, and rang the bell. A forty-something man emerged, signed for the offered package, and retreated back inside. The man was Todd Markley, a former church youth worker who hadn’t done much to mask his purchase; indeed, Markley had paid $54.95 for the videos with a personal check and signed his own name, then filled out the order form with preprinted address stickers listing his correct home address. He also hadn’t been discriminating about how he obtained his videos. Rather than seeking out vetted sources, Markley had simply responded to an ad from a company called “CVI” that had arrived in the mail.

The ad had been produced by one Brian Bone, which might sound like some sort of pseudonym but which was in fact the name of a US Postal Inspector running an undercover sting operation.

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Oklahoma airman found guilty of possessing child pornography

A roommate discovered the disturbing video titles on the computer of Airman 1st Class Chad McClelland-Hall while both were deployed last year to Saudi Arabia.
After struggling with what to do for a few days, the roommate went to his superiors. An investigation ensued.
Earlier this month, McClelland-Hall found himself in a courtroom at Tinker Air Force Base facing a court-martial on charges that included possession of child pornography.
The military judge, Lt. Col. Grant Kratz, found McClelland-Hall guilty of possession of child pornography.

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